So you’ve been told that you need to drive traffic to your social media platforms (like your Facebook page) but you have no idea how! You’ve been told you “should” start a Facebook group but you have no idea how to actually GROW the group with raving fans who want to consume your content, share it like crazy, and work with you! Ready to know how?!  Great! I’m going to give you my BEST SECRETS

How do I get my Facebook Followers to Engage with me more (or at all!) on my page or in my group?” Is one of the BIGGEST questions I get asked. For so many Facebook is used for building a community of raving and engaged fans; but how do you get them to become raving and engaged?! When you create engaged fans you get more likes, comments, and shares which means you strengthen your bond AND get in

Take the principles and make them your own! Put scripts in your own language, practice, and do your pre-work before any sales conversations!
I know you can do this and I hope this gets you one step closer to mastering your sales, getting more clients, and making the impact you want to make in the world!!
Step 1: Command the Greeting

Researching, studying, and reading other people’s stuff is a form of resistance. To get clarity in your business, you must act. Clarity does not come by consuming more information, it comes by jumping in (imperfectly) and putting yourself “out there” for the world (and your potential clients) to see.

Information alone does not make you rich & happy, but taking action does.  You could be the smartest person in the