My Life's Mission is so much more than money; it's about who I'm becoming which means I can always make more money.

I value the intangibles even more than the tangible things in life.  I value creating a lifestyle that allows me to FEEL the way I want to FEEL and DO Exactly what I Want to Do.

I have a deeper meaning to life, and so do my clients.  We're not after material things, we're after Impact, Change, Accomplishment.

The Intangibles.

Small talk, fake people, or insecure braggers drive me Cray-Cray.  

I have a "quite" confidence, but not afraid to share my truth when needed.

I'd never spend Thousands on a handbag, but I would drop Ten's of Thousands on my education and learning.

I built a net worth of over $600K Before I even hit 30.

My life philosophy:  Don't look rich, Be rich.

Being Wealthy expands your capacity to serve, clears your mental space so that we can do work that matters.  Work that doesn't Feel like Work because it's our Soul's Purpose.

Screw the "should's" in life.  I create my own rules, and Lead Boldly.

I've been told I'm the Real Deal, I don't sugar coat, and that I've changed lives.

I'm a little bit of rebel (oh, you too?), of course you are.

I'm a sales Pro with over 8 years of experience and was always a top performer in the dreaded corporate world.

I made 6-figures, but was deeply unfulfilled.  

There was a calling inside I couldn't resist anymore.  
Maybe you can relate to feeling guilty for "having it all" but still wanting more?
I had to appease the screams and QUIT which made people think, "she's crazy!"...

But the movers and shakers of the world, I admit, we ARE crazy.  

Crazy to think we can create the Exact Life we want, that we can Control our Destiny, and that we can Change the world.

I retired myself from corporate and became a Certified Strategic Interventionist, which basically means I can go "Tony Robbins" on you.

I'm a Visionary, An Innovator, a Challenger to Status Que.

You too?  
Great, let's connect to take your game to the next level.