Welcome to your solution to go from Broke to Bank!  I'm SO happy you found me! 

Like you I quit corporate america or dreamed about quitting when I was still employed. 

I've been entrepreneurial my whole life and corporate sales was no longer for me.  I loved the training and coaching part of building others up, so I quit and made it my mission to help other entrepreneurs do meaningful work AND make good money.  

You really can have BOTH!

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Praise From Incredible Women I've Worked With

I have had three one-hour sessions with Crystal, and have already made measurable progress and have gained confidence and clarity around my business. I am a multi-passionate person, with many interests, multiple hobbies and an entrepreneurial spirit. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to start a creative business but have struggled narrowing my focus and honing in on one of my many passions. Fear of the unknown and the "security" of a steady paycheck from my nine-to-five have held me back from diving ALL IN and taking the necessary steps to create the colorful life that is so vivid in my dreams.

Crystal listens and truly takes the time to understand your unique goals and visions, brainstorms with you, and puts together a plan to MAKE YOUR GOALS HAPPEN. Her positivity, relatability and intelligence help to inspire and motivate, while giving an alternative perspective to your ideas and challenges. After each session, Crystal gives you "action items" to work on throughout the week, but she also follows up with resources to help you accomplish these items. Working with Crystal has not only given me the coaching and structure I need to move forward in my business, but she has also helped to shift my mindset and recognize areas that could be holding me back.

We have only begun this journey, but I could not recommend Crystal highly enough. Her passion for helping others step out of their comfort zone and take action is evident in every conversation. Building a foundation for your business is key to long-term success...and Crystal is an excellent partner to walk with you throughout the process.

- Megan Bates​

Crystal is a powerful business coach, she helped me get clear on my customer avatar and I had a huge breakthrough. All along I was looking in the wrong place and focusing on who I though I should serve, rather than clients who really need my help and ready to pay me. If you want to run a business that is aligned with your soul, Crystal is your coach!

- Tatiana Queen​

Crystal, I cannot thank you enough for these sessions! I am really excited to be on this journey with you. For the first time in a while I feel hope and feel supported and this was only our first session!! I already have so much to think about and feel into and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate my birthday!! Big Big Hugs and so so so much love and gratitude.

- Madvhi Aggarwal​